Selling Your Home 卖房程序

Evaluation 评估

Just ONE call, we go to your home for FREE evaluation. We will show you the real estate marketing analysis to help you make a GOOD decision.


Listing 挂牌

With your authorization, we list your property for sale. We do the job.  You drink your coffee and wait for offers.


Sold 售出

 We handle all the counter offers and work with you seamlessly to close the deal.  You get TOP $ in your pocket!


Helpful Resouces 辅助信息


Cost of Selling a Home 卖房费用

  • Lawyer/Notary fees 律师/公证费用
  • Costs of Clearing Tittle 过户费用
  • Real Estate Commission( plus GST) 佣金(加税)
  • GST (if applicable) 消费税 (如果适用)

Capital Gains Calculation 利得税计算

BC Assessment 物业评估

BC Hydro 卑诗水电局

Fortis BC 卑诗天然气

Remax Eviction Services 清除无理租客服务

Sold properites 售出物业

12242 98a Ave surrey


Just Sold: $1,260,000.00

10515 138 st surrey


Just Sold: $1,111,888.00

14669 Wellington Dr, Surrey


Just sold: $860,000.00

9739 160A St, Surrey


Just Sold: $1,380,000.00

8351 133A st, Surrey


Just sold: $860,000.00

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Testimonial 客人见证


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Fely: <>   

 Hi Norman, this is the testimonial that I'm giving you.            "I had a very good experience with  Norman Zhu,  Daniel J. Zhou, and Morning Yu were very friendly and professional. The  sale was quick and their strategy is flawless.I would recommend them in a  heartbeat." Thank You, Teofila Sent from my iPad  

Chris Gu

   Norman, thank you for  helping me buying this ideal home and thank you for introducing me the good mortgager. As a realtor, you are very professional and experienced. I will refer my other friends to you later on! Thank you again!  


谢谢你热心、周到、细致、专业的服务,让我在关键时刻买到了自己心怡的房子! (Thank you for your enthusiastic, detailed and professional service, helping me to get my ideal house at a crucial moment!)


 Hi Norman,   Thanks for your help . We really appreciate for your work hard and we will keep in mind for Future Buy and Sell.   



8/24/16to me  We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you for  your hard work and commitment in all our dealings.  As of today, we are  now moved into our new home and very excited.  Thank you so much for everything.  Warmest Regards,  Kats.  Here is our reference:  We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Morning team and her  colleague Norman in the sale of our home.  They were always very  professional and we commend their commitment to their clients.  No  matter how much work they had, they were never too busy to meet or talk  to us. They addressed all our questions and concerns promptly.  We would highly recommend Morning team if you are looking for realtor.  Best Regards,  Riz and Kats.  Sent from my iPhone   

Contact Us 联系我们

Want to know how much your house can be sold? Write down your address and we provide evaluation for FREE! 想知道房屋能卖多少钱?请您告诉地址, 我们免费上门评估!

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