Buying a home 买房程序

Listen 倾听


Buying home is a big financial decision. We will listen to you  and understand what you really need.


Find 寻找


As real estate specialist, we know how and where to find the property really fit your needs.


Finsh 完成


We will help you to make an offer with proper subjects so you will be protected and away from any headaches. Here is you DREAM home!


Cost of Buying a Home 买房费用

  • Mortgage Costs   贷款费用
  • Property Transfer Tax  物业转让税
  • Lawyer/notary fees    律师/公证费用
  • Appraisal (if applicable) 评估费用(如果适用)
  • Mortgage Insurance and application fee 贷款保险   
  • GST  on new or substantially rebuilt homes(if applicable) 新屋消费税 (如果适用)
  • Property/Fire Insurance  财产/火灾保险

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Helpful Resources 辅助信息


Mortgage Calculator 贷款计算

Property Transfer Tax Calculator 物业转让税计算

First Time Home Buyer Program 首次置业补助计划

Recent School Ranking 最新学校排名

Translink 大温交通

Legal fees cost 过户律师费用

Helpful Websites 辅助网站


Telus 泰尔斯电话服务

Shaw Cable Shaw电讯网络服务

Rogers 罗杰斯电讯网络服务

Address Change BC 卑诗省地址变更服务

Residential Tenacy Branch 房屋租赁管理局

Candada Post 加拿大邮政局

Contact Us 联系我们

Thinking of buying a home? Write down your info, we can help! 考虑买房吗? 留下您的信息,我们可以帮助!

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 Feel free to call us to set up an appointment. 请随时给我们打电话,我们很乐意与您见面约谈。 

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